Auto formatting flex files in Flash Builder

The last few months,

I have been using the flex formatter plugin for eclipse to automagically format my .mxml and .as files.
It can be found here
I find it a bit surprising that such a feature has not been built into flash builder by default.

It has a couple of nice features:
- You can fully customize the way you want flash builder to format your files by changing the settings
- You can save a properties files to store and share your formatting settings with your fellow developers
- The plugin has the ability to synchronize your properties with a file on any given location (say for example the project’s sources)
- There are some command line support jars, which are great for doing text formatting while using an ANT script to build your project or to format at checkin-time
- Automatically organize the order in which mxml attribute tags should occur
- Automatically delete obsolete blank lines
- Automatically format code blocks
- …

I am sure that I am forgetting some other nice features here, but the plugin is definitely worth checking out.
In my humble opinion it is a must have for any flex developer and a valuable asset for any development team.
It keeps your code consistent, readable and nice and tidy.
Just the way we like it!

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