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Auto formatting flex files in Flash Builder

The last few months,

I have been using the flex formatter plugin for eclipse to automagically format my .mxml and .as files.
It can be found here
I find it a bit surprising that such a feature has not been built into flash builder by default.

It has a couple of nice features:
- You can fully customize the way you want flash builder to format your files by changing the settings
- You can save a properties files to store and share your formatting settings with your fellow developers
- The plugin has the ability to synchronize your properties with a file on any given location (say for example the project’s sources)
- There are some command line support jars, which are great for doing text formatting while using an ANT script to build your project or to format at checkin-time
- Automatically organize the order in which mxml attribute tags should occur
- Automatically delete obsolete blank lines
- Automatically format code blocks
- …

I am sure that I am forgetting some other nice features here, but the plugin is definitely worth checking out.
In my humble opinion it is a must have for any flex developer and a valuable asset for any development team.
It keeps your code consistent, readable and nice and tidy.
Just the way we like it!

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Adobe Flex 4 with AIR ACE

Last week,

I finally took my Flex 4 with AIR exam and aced it ;)
This means I now get to add a badge to my blog, saying kudos to myself.
Total awesomeness :D

However I must say it was not at all what I expected from the exam.
It was not very tough since I prepared myself well, but still I thought some questions were asked in such an ambiguous way that they were a bit hard to answer.
Also some questions were a bit too much into details about class hierarchies etc.

Anyway, I prepared myself using the official exam description you can find at the adobe website, concerning all the items you should certainly cover.
I also found a link there for an exam simulation tool, that will help you get prepared. It is called Attest and can be found here

It has a free limited trial version and links to the adobe livedocs to make studying easier for you.
The full version is not free ($20) and offers you the chance to take practice exams and evaluate yourself afterwards.
Do not expect to get all the questions as they will be on the exam, rather you should see it as a tool to find your weaknesses and do some extra studying in the area you need it the most.
All in all, 20 bucks is a small price to pay and should really help you forward.

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